Tuesday, March 10, 2015


"Ahah.. I too experienced this.. Once upon a time.. Except that im the guy.. Or exactly like ur bf.. Well for me, we nid someone like u, i mean the loved one.. But we dont want to be attached.. And this of course happens when we are already too long in a relationship.. I dont know about anyone else's but again, he is exactly like me.. Except that i spent more time with my video games than friends.. Ahaa.. So my advice to u, keep sabar.. Yeah bcakap lg senang dr buat.. But thats one of the thing in a relationship.. Other than loyalty trust and so on.. Btw, u can always argue with him about how is ur relationship is heading.. Dont makan hati sorang diri.."

My bestfriend trying to say that Im annoying in nice way, good boy Vixar.

Exactly. And I know, the other half of me pun makan hati juga sebab kita asyik nak attention like helloo nana, dia bukan laki kau sah lagi okay nak kongkong sana kepit sini mana boleh oihhh. And i know, this all happened bukan my other half yang nak, but Allah. Kan kan?! Sebab Allah love us both, jd kalau asyik kepit and spending time together, nti dh kahwin, dh boring dh hilang barakah tu. After all, thanks Allah :) senuga tertulis dia untukku and likewise, Allahumma Aamiin! ;)

And now, Im okayyy! just have faith and enjoy life :)

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