Friday, March 13, 2015

saying goodbye wasnt that hard when u've got enough.

Wooo I was surprised to see 100 pageviews today, I mean like seriously!? just a random click I believe.

Theres an issue with my Facebook dp where everyone thoughts a guy holding my hand. Totally crap, lemme explain but wait, ghetiss ke? Just who want to know :p

Im totally happy some people walk out of my life these days.hihi I dont need those friends who only bring negative vibe.  Treat me badly, its a statement of who you are. If I really deserve it, alhamdulillah well at least Ive got some of punishment in dunya foe all bad things Ive did ;)

well live yourlife for the sake of Allah. Never ever bother about anyone else's life, we got our own story and make it a good history peeps!

Love and me?hahah
People said lady should marry a guy who crazy of her, not her chasing crazily to that guy. Well, I strongly agre.

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