Monday, March 16, 2015


Assalamualaikum :)

If you have to leave, can't u remember why we choose to be together at first. Well, we stil can make a good ending for every story in our life thou the beginning not really nice.

Kalau banyak sgt benda bad happened, cant u even remember at least one good memory we had together and hold to it? So that we can still be together.

 if ur heart say u should leave, no matter  how hard I try to make u stay, I believe you will walk away. And everything happen with Allah will. :)

Cause there's no use if u always see the bad in the good thing.

Im giving you all spaces u need and use it wisely from now.

Friday, March 13, 2015

saying goodbye wasnt that hard when u've got enough.

Wooo I was surprised to see 100 pageviews today, I mean like seriously!? just a random click I believe.

Theres an issue with my Facebook dp where everyone thoughts a guy holding my hand. Totally crap, lemme explain but wait, ghetiss ke? Just who want to know :p

Im totally happy some people walk out of my life these days.hihi I dont need those friends who only bring negative vibe.  Treat me badly, its a statement of who you are. If I really deserve it, alhamdulillah well at least Ive got some of punishment in dunya foe all bad things Ive did ;)

well live yourlife for the sake of Allah. Never ever bother about anyone else's life, we got our own story and make it a good history peeps!

Love and me?hahah
People said lady should marry a guy who crazy of her, not her chasing crazily to that guy. Well, I strongly agre.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

gumbira sangat to know your true colour

I felt bad for someone. Because of me, I've put him and her fav girl almost into a fight (maybe, but no I guess).

Wishing you guys happily ever after and chill lah akak, I have my fav men yg sangat kacak rupa dan hati inshaa Allah, aamiin!

And for all harsh words Ive received today until menangis Iolls semuga air mata tu jadi air terjun yang menarik utk iollss and family di syurga nti inshaa Allah, aamiin.

Sebab I'm too sad to even tipu sikit say I'm okay dkt my superman, maaf iolls tk dpt reply ur wechat tonight.

Yes, iolls tk kuat mana.

Pesanan utk akak and abg tu, iolls bersyukur Allah pisahkan kita dulu. Alhamdulillah.


"Ahah.. I too experienced this.. Once upon a time.. Except that im the guy.. Or exactly like ur bf.. Well for me, we nid someone like u, i mean the loved one.. But we dont want to be attached.. And this of course happens when we are already too long in a relationship.. I dont know about anyone else's but again, he is exactly like me.. Except that i spent more time with my video games than friends.. Ahaa.. So my advice to u, keep sabar.. Yeah bcakap lg senang dr buat.. But thats one of the thing in a relationship.. Other than loyalty trust and so on.. Btw, u can always argue with him about how is ur relationship is heading.. Dont makan hati sorang diri.."

My bestfriend trying to say that Im annoying in nice way, good boy Vixar.

Exactly. And I know, the other half of me pun makan hati juga sebab kita asyik nak attention like helloo nana, dia bukan laki kau sah lagi okay nak kongkong sana kepit sini mana boleh oihhh. And i know, this all happened bukan my other half yang nak, but Allah. Kan kan?! Sebab Allah love us both, jd kalau asyik kepit and spending time together, nti dh kahwin, dh boring dh hilang barakah tu. After all, thanks Allah :) senuga tertulis dia untukku and likewise, Allahumma Aamiin! ;)

And now, Im okayyy! just have faith and enjoy life :)