Thursday, February 26, 2015

the fake "I love you"

Assalamualaikum :)

something came into my mind this morning that human love are cheap! And so mine I guess (couple dgn org lain then clash then couple, urghh berubahlah Nana, aamiin).

what make me think human love are cheap? Because how easy we say to some people that we love them today, and our heart change after a month or maybe after a year. And because of love, a lot of people are struggling, suffering and depressed because they gave their hearts away to someone they fell in love with but in the end? :(

because of these words: "I love you"

and one who easily change their heart from someone to another, doesnt even know what love means, because if they knew what love meant, they wouldnt be telling it to everyone, they would be upright..

so people, girls especially, dont allow the words "i love you" to go straight into your heart because anyone could say that to you and you might caught, hooked and what happens? Shaytaan got grip on you! Nauzubillah..

remember that the heart and the mind are the most powerful organs Allah has given it to us and blessed us with. So please dont allow people to control it, nobody shall control it besides Allah, dont hand it over someone please dont.

Because love come from our heart and our mind, which belong to Allah and inshaa Allah one day after we are married and within the limit we can give and share the portion of our heart with our spouse by the will of Allah, only then we know we found the right person :)

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