Tuesday, March 10, 2015

gumbira sangat to know your true colour

I felt bad for someone. Because of me, I've put him and her fav girl almost into a fight (maybe, but no I guess).

Wishing you guys happily ever after and chill lah akak, I have my fav men yg sangat kacak rupa dan hati inshaa Allah, aamiin!

And for all harsh words Ive received today until menangis Iolls semuga air mata tu jadi air terjun yang menarik utk iollss and family di syurga nti inshaa Allah, aamiin.

Sebab I'm too sad to even tipu sikit say I'm okay dkt my superman, maaf iolls tk dpt reply ur wechat tonight.

Yes, iolls tk kuat mana.

Pesanan utk akak and abg tu, iolls bersyukur Allah pisahkan kita dulu. Alhamdulillah.

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