Friday, February 13, 2015

summer heat wave

Assalamualaikum :)

After two years in Adelaide, first time to enjoy the summer first day of arrival, I was shocked when the captain said it was 17 degree down in Melbourne. Hmph when I stepped out of the airport, super hot weather! Menangis ketiak iols.

As a result of weather changing, Im on fever for almost 4 days now. *tears*

Am homesick to be exact. And rindu buah hati iols yang demam demam, demam rindu katanya.hewhew

I was hoping am goin to pass with flying colors for my renewable energy exam, worth balik lah iols sacrifice holiday time with family and kekasih hati.kehkeh

Cant wait to see my mawson lakes girls, ramai dah tukar status for this coming autumn study period. Myself kahwin? Inshaa Allahh tp have to wait until me and him finish study :) siapa tak nak kahwin cik adik cik akak cik abg oii. Just a matter of time.

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