Thursday, December 11, 2014

keep your face outta my sight

Assalamualaikum Wbt :)

Imma kind of peson who love listening to my heartbeat and I strongly believe many people out there did that too. I constantly feeling helpless...each beat is numbered and edging ever closer to the last one. When will it be the last? Wallahualam. Only the Creator know things beyond our control.

Everytime I listened to my heartbeat, undescribeable feeling, like its another way to be closer to myself in this very distracting world instead of ablution and prayer. Allahu Ahad. Allahu Akbar. The inevitability of death is in a way anaesthetic.. :'(

oh wait...I just cant imagined how some people can smile on others hardship. Or maybe just a fake smile it is? I do not know and I have no interest to know how and why for some people we met, might best to not keep them for so long, a silent goodbye sound better. 

How I wish that I can be nice to others regardless of how terribly sad I am, but hey knock knock! Imma human too. Thou my heart hurt sometimes when people treat me so badly, I told myself to do post mortem of what Ive done or maybe its because of the sins Ive committed in the past neither having bad judgement to Allah why He chose me to be in that situation nor blame that person who hurt me. I try to keep myself in a positive atmosphere however sometimes I failed to, honestly many times. But who really cares huh in this selfish wordly life :( 

What mom told me when I was a kid, pain is temporary. You never how it will last but eventually the pain will subside and something else will take it place, jadi bersabar lah because truly after hardship comes ease inshaa Allah. aamiin. 

Apakah manusia itu mengira bahawa mereka dibiarkan Saja mengatakan bahawa "Kami telah beriman" sedankan mereka tidak diuji?" Al-Ankabut 2:3

Divine love is never deceiving. :)

Imma happy girl with happy tummy for I had ikan bakar and fish curry for dinner, mussels chili for breakfast and how fried chempedak and banana for tea time.hihi alhamdulillah, thanks mom and makteh! :D so great to be home!

If you just said youre missing me without any action, know that I miss you more so badly but I have to endure it because I have lost my trust on you.

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